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The office of the NCHU Department of Law Student Association, provided by the department, is located in Room 720 on the seventh floor of the Social Sciences and Management Building. Association representatives are elected every academic year in accordance with university regulations. The department chair acts as advisor to the association.

Most of the student association’s business centers on planning activities for the academic year. Activities include Law Week, lectures, induction camp, law camp and visits to central and local government, to court houses of all levels and their related institutions, and to law firms. In addition, the association organizes various competitions, including ball games, talent contests and debates in order to increase communication and interaction among students in the department, to foster cooperation and to encourage students to challenge themselves.

The association has a director, a vice director and an executive secretary, in accordance with Article 11 of the organization charter of the National Chung Hsing University Department of Law Student Association. There are seven divisions, in accordance with Article 12: Student Activities, Public Relations, Sports, Art Design, Academic Affairs, Information and Treasury.

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李惠家Hui-Jia Li


Vice Director

陳為勳Wei-Xun Chen


Head of Public Relations

梅雅君Ya-Jun Mei







Taying Liaow


Current Core Members







李惠家Hui-Jia Li

1. Representing and managing the association; coordinating the running of association affairs.

2. Organizing and hosting core member meetings and general assemblies.

3. Promoting the association in accordance with the organization charter and meeting resolutions.

Vice Director

陳為勳Wei-Xun Chen

1. Assisting the director in day-to-day affairs.

2. Acting in place of the director when the director is unable to carry out his/her duties.

Head of Student Affairs

梁雅涵Ya-Han Liang

Managing the planning and promotion of various association activities

Head of Public Relations

梅雅君Ya-Jun Mei

Managing the association’s external relations and public relations affairs.

Head of Sports

吳庭芸Ting-Yun Wu

Managing sports-related business.

Head of Art Design

金湘惟Xiang-Wei Jin

Managing matters relating to art design.

Head of Academic Affairs

蘇玉玫Yu-Mei Su

Managing the association’s cultural, educational and academic activities, including coordination of academic information and publication of the department journal.

Head of Information

蔡宗和Zong-He Cai

Managing association’s electronic data and maintaining department website.


王郁涵Yu-Han Wang

Managing association’s finances and assets.

Executive Secretary

雷鈞崴Jun-Wei Lei 

Managing association’s documents and meeting minutes.







Lee & Li Cup Law Student Moot Court Debate Competition



Best Litigator of 2014

郭文程 Wen-Cheng Guo






Best Litigator of 2013

王廉鈞 Lian-Jun Wang






Best Litigator of 2014

劉軒廷 Xuan-Ting Liu







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