In 2001 the College of Law and Business at National Chung Hsing University became National Taipei University. Chung Hsing then set up the Department of Financial and Economic Law and the Graduate Institute of Technology Law in its main campus in Taichung. In 2010 the department and the graduate institute were merged to form the current Department of Law. The department presently runs an undergraduate program, a Master’s program in technology law and a Master’s program for “on-the-job” students. The undergraduate program is open to high-school graduates, while the Master’s program in technology law recruits law school graduates. For the latter, in addition to studying technology law, students are required to acquire technical knowledge. The “on-the-job” Master’s program recruits university graduates from fields other than law. Applicants to the program must already have an undergraduate degree, as is the case with law schools in the United States. In the future, a Master’s program in financial law and a doctoral program will be launched to form a comprehensive legal education system.




Features and development

Educator said All locks are difficult to open, unless you have the key. To execute systematic and featured legal education, we make proposal on teachers engagement, curriculum planning and practical training.

Degrees granted:

u Undergraduate
  Department of  Law
  Bachelor of Laws, LL.B.
  Graduate School of Law
  Master of Laws, LL.M.
uon-the-job Master
  Master Laws Program for exectives 
  Master of Laws, LL.M. for Non-Law Graduate