For Students

National Chung Hsing University was founded in 1919 and will soon be celebrating its centenary. Chung Hsing is one of Taiwan’s oldest and most reputable institutions of higher education. We would like to welcome you to the Department of Law at Chung Hsing. We also hope that joining the department will be the start of a whole new journey and experience for you.

The Department of Law was created with the merger in 2010 of the Department of Financial and Economic Law and the Graduate Institute of Technology Law. We currently have 14 full-time and 16 adjunct faculty members. They are nationally and internationally recognized experts in fields ranging from international law and constitutional law to corporate and other private law fields. Your relationship with our faculty will continue well beyond your years at National Chung-Hisung University.  Many of our faculty remain closely connected to law school alumni and actively participate in helping current students network with alumni in related fields.